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From one component, to an entire assembly, to a complete custom application,                   Sonoma Coast Scaffold is your single source for the highest quality aluminum scaffold, proudly manufactured in the USA.

Our Aluminum Scaffold is interchangeable with most major brands of aluminum scaffolding, including UpRight * and Werner Aldek *.

All products are in compliance with applicable ANSI, Federal and Cal OSHA regulations and must be assembled following the Scaffold Industry Association’s Code of Safe Practices (a copy of which may be viewed here and printed here).

Our products can be shipped anywhere in the USA and Internationally.

Please allow us the opportunity to meet your access requirements.  We will be happy to review any existing quotes to see if we can provide a more competitive bid.

We have 30 years of experience in the Aluminum Scaffold industry, directed thousands of access applications, and have 20 years of experience in metals manufacturing with extensive Computer-Aided Design (CAD) applications.

We pride ourselves on our dedication to our client’s needs and have the best customer service in the scaffold industry.

Please contact us regarding your access requirements.



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Double Wide Scaffold Assembly Example

13 Foot 3 Inch to 14 Foot 3 Inch (Legs at full 12 Inch Adjustment) Upper Platform Height.

Consists of Base Set, 4 Outriggers, 6 Foot 9 Inch Extension Set, Guardrail Set, 2 Standard Platforms, and 2 Hatchway Platforms.

Toeboards (not shown for illustration purposes) required for this and any application where the working (Platform) height is 10 Foot or higher.

Location of braces are shown as an example of how to maximize safety and scaffold stability. Different scaffold assemblies and applications require different bracing and outrigger placement. 

Please see our safety page and either email (recommended for better response time) or call 707-875-3286 regarding your application.

Hatchways are located as far apart as possible to prevent “fall-through” accidents.

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This illustration was produced with our in-house customized CAD system, the same system with which our Custom Scaffold Systems are designed.

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